EPoS Driven Business Intelligence.

Titan Applications

Titan Stock Control


Make informed decisions on stock trends/pilferages that are affecting your profit margins.  Quickly tag and Monitor certain products that are developing suspicious trends.

Titan Multi Site


Expanding to multiple sites in different locations, Titan’s App suite helps you efficiently manage, control and monitor all of your sites while on the move…

Titan System Maintenance


Titan keeps it simple, Apps enable you to perform your key tasks efficiently, adding new product lines to your EPoS system, improving profit margins.

Titan Purchase Orders


Create your order by the cheapest cost price ensuring that you get the best deal for your business, improving your cash flow and increasing your profit margins.

Titan Sales


Quickly obtain all your KPI’s while on the move by producing easy on the eye Graphical representations of your businesses performance..

Titan Beer Flow Monitoring


Monitor every Beer that is poured. The App graphically compares sales of draught beer to the quantity of beer that was actually dispensed from the keg.

Titan Staff Rotas


Your Staff can view their Rotas from anywhere at anytime.  Titan enables cost effective rotas to be generated with an emphasis on labour costs.

Titan Staff Performance


Monitor the performance of each staff member, how they are contributing to your business turnover by analysing their sales compared to time worked.

Titan eJournal


Analyse historical transactions by your staff at anytime from anywhere. Filter for sales receipts carried out by each staff member.

Titan Dashboard


Easily stay in touch with your business while on the move.  Titan’s interactive Dashboard alerts you to areas of your business that require your attention.

Business Sectors

Titan is proving an effective business intelligence tool within a wide variety of business sectors.

Titan EPoS Driven Business Intelligence

As human beings we are becoming more mobile and therefore not always in the same place as our data, resulting in it becoming increasingly difficult to make informed, efficient decisions about our businesses. That is until now, Titan Business intelligence has arrived!!

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Our Global Partners

Titan BI Vectron

Titan are recommended development partners of Vectron Systems AG. Titans Business Intelligence solution links seamlessly to the Vectron EPoS product range.

Titan BI Microsoft azure2

Titan are partners with Microsoft Azure, utilising Microsoft Azures cutting edge cloud hosting servers and suite of software tools to produce a trusted, robust, high performance solution for our customers in the hospitality and retail sectors.

Titan BI bonvito2

The basic idea of bonVito was developed back in 2002 within Vectron Systems AG . The vision of developing a system that intelligently connects the POS system as the central billing and controlling instrument to online services was born.

Titan BI sihot2

SIHOT is a hotel management software solution made by GUBSE AG in Germany. When the system first appeared in 1986 on a UNIX platform, the IT, business and hotel specialists at GUBSE had been aiming at an integrated, innovative, user-friendly software solution that could be used to process all operations related to the hospitality industry ranging from youth hostels to 5-star hotels.