Titan ! What is it all about?

As human beings we are becoming more mobile and therefore now always in the same place as our data, resulting in it becoming increasingly difficult to make informed, efficient decisions about our businesses. That is until now, Titan Business intelligence has arrived!!

Titan Epos Business Intelligence is an intuitive, web based, back office software suite of Apps. It allows you to manage your businesses performance at any time, from anywhere in the world and at your own convenience. This web based Epos Business Intelligence solution incorporates a number of easy to use feature rich Apps which enables the monitoring of key performance indicators within your business such as: product sales per hour, clerk sales, stock variances.

You simple use your tablet, laptop, PC or smartphone to access your real time business data whilst on the move. As you are all too aware your business environment is becoming more competitive, it is important to ensure that your business is achieving its maximum profit margins from your customers’ spending habits; Titan Business Intelligence’s empowers you, the business owner, by producing reports that are visually appealing and very importantly, easy to understand and analyse, enabling you to make the right decision.

Meet Our Team

Roger McDermott
Roger McDermottManaging Director
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Niall Curran
Niall CurranSoftware Developer
Niall …..
Gemma Mulholland
Gemma MulhollandSoftware Developer
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Analyse Your Business From Anywhere.

Titan is a web based Business Intelligence Solution that allows you to easily connect to your epos data from anywhere, presenting actionable information to provide insights into your business operations.
This EPOS Business Intelligence Solution encompasses a variety of Apps that enables businesses to collate the complex and disparate business data from EPOS systems, prepare it for analysis, develop and run queries against the data, and create reports, dashboards and data visualisations.

Titan Business Intelligence empowers you to make faster, more informed decisions.

“This software solution was developed from a deep understanding of the wealth of data EPOS systems can create, and the realisation that physically noone could easily analyse all this data without the aid of automation. Every step in the development of this EPOS software was to present businesses with business intelligence to allow them make more informed decisions”.