Titan Business Intelligence Anytime Anywhere

Always will be there for you.

This intuitive web based business intelligence solution allows you to access your EPoS data or maintain your EPoS system from Anywhere in the world, at Anytime.

User friendly Apps.

All Apps within the Titan office suite are easy to use, helping you improve the way you manage your business.

Don’t worry, no need to visit your bank manger.

Titan’s innovative Software as a Service (SaaS) solution is available to you for an attractive single monthly fee, on a per Till basis so you do not have to break the bank to incorporate Titan into your business. Easier to forecast your monthly EPoS expenditure.

Titan Business Intelligence Your System Your Decision

Your system- Your decision.

Titan is uniquely configurable, allowing reporting information to be generated in the way you prefer, detailing
graphically pleasing key performance indicators for you to analyse while on the move. It helps foster a data driven
culture within your business with powerful visually stunning analytics.

Titan Business Intelligence Make Faster Decisions

Improve time taken to make decision.

Titan accelerates and improves the decision making process while you are onsite in your business and crucially,
while you are away from your business.

Titan Business Intelligence Trends

Stay up to speed with business trends.

Identify market trends utilising Titan’s suite of Apps with an array of reports detailing key performance indicators.

Titan Business Intelligence Healthy Business

Keep your business fit and healthy.

Gain a competitive advantage over your competitors with Titan’s automated purchase order processing app,
efficiently control stock pilferage/wastage with Titan’s Stock Buddy app, monitor and compare employee performance
for the hours that you are paying them for; report business problems that need to be addressed.